La Puerta

(School of Mastery)

La Puerta is a school, a mastermind, and a sanctuary for women devoted to mastering the craft of their life and to making impact simply by virtue of living in their highest expression.

La Puerta is the portal to a higher plane.

With community at the core of this learning and growth experience, your enrollment includes the following:

  • Monthly integrity workshops and self-assessments for grounding into your human obligations
  • Weekly lessons and Q+A sessions led by Kelsey and guest faculty
  • Daily inspiration and lessons
  • Student-led breakout groups where you can practice leading and holding space for other high caliber women
  • A central directory of all calls for easy access
  • Access to ask Kelsey any questions you have about the human experience (ANYTHING, and if I don't have an answer, I will find you one)
  • Student forums and member directory for easy networking make deep and lasting, intimate connections and to find products and services that are in alignment with what you want and need.

With fluidity, adaptability and resilience at the core of mastery, all programming has been designed to keep you paying attention. As such, every quarter will look different and your challenge will be to hold yourself to your commitment and make it work, no matter what.

Scheduling will be announced at the start of each month.

Real change happens when women rise together, and there is a spot at this table for any Queen who wants one and is willing to do what it takes to take her seat.

Curious? Come through the portal and experience the magic, the mystery, and the mastery.

You can leave at any time.


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Casually, here's more info...

Opening a school of mastery is a vision I've been holding and refining for 2 years.

One of my biggest challenges as a teacher has been, how do I sort out everything I know and teach in the grand scheme of the human experience? How do I offer this in a way that makes "sense" of the non-sensical?

And, as a connector, how do I bring together the extraordinary women from across the world that I know in order to share knowledge, services, products, and support? How do I create a culture that rewires the envious, competitive patriarchal programming into one of collaboration and of genuinely celebrating one another?

I've been so inspired by the idea of school as a place where we go to learn and share information, both from our teachers and from our peers. Where we meet our best friends and at the same time, we must hold space with others who challenge us and who trigger us and who we couldn't care less for, but these are the people who teach us the most about ourselves and the world.

Thus, School of Mastery was born, and for the woman who lives in devotion to her integrity- to her magic- it is everything.

As a total "failure" of the traditional educational system, I long searched for learning opportunities that worked with my visionary, non-linear feminine nature, and I've created exactly the experience I wish I had had many years ago.

I hope that, no matter where you're at on your path, if you feel inspired to join, you will not hesitate to leap wholly into this experience.

As always, email my team or DM me on social with questions.


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