Revelations About Evolution

July 2020

Hello everybody,

Welcome to the new, long format newsletter.

I'll be sending these longer reads out about once a month, interspersed with quick updates, when I have them. They won't always be this long, but as this is the first, I've got a lot to say.

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I’ve grown tired of the short format social media bit that panders to our baser instincts and to the hustle of patriarchal post-industrial revolution capitalistic conditionings. We- humans- don’t know how to focus because we don’t hold ourselves accountable to the practice of it. We tell ourselves it’s something a person either can or cannot do. We look for pills and other substances to inspire it within us. We tell ourselves that we don’t have time, yet we waste so much time and energy consuming consuming consuming bite-sized bits of information, and then we completely disregard the need to digest it. This is a metaphor for so much of how humanity is operating right now. Our brains and our nervous systems were not designed for that type of consumption, and we need to be paying attention and strategically, intentionally choosing how to navigate the world during this time of massive collective upleveling, transformation and evolution.

If you’re really not here for the long form, skip to the bottom for links to the Politiwitches Podcast and other relevant links, though I sincerely hope you’ll stick around for the words, because the message is clear.

We have work to do, individually and collectively.

My commitment to these newsletters is to timeliness and relevancy, immense value, and a bit of humor. I promise you zero fluff and many truths (some of which you may not agree with or want to hear. That’s OK). 

You will continue to see my work evolve heavily over the next 6 months, year, and lifetime. My integrity is my priority, and as it is an evolution, I will never stop leading by example of growth.

Before I close out this update and get on with the newsletter, I have to share that I am so stoked about what’s happening with my work right now, but I know that many of my longterm clients and audience members are not digging the witchy vibes. And so, it feels important to give you a bit of context into the new title I’ve been using, Politiwitch.

 The Politiwitch represents a part of me that I have tried to abandon over and over and over again in favor of easier work.

I recognize that many of you may not understand or be comfortable with my coming out as a witch. tbh, I’m not surprised at this discovery that I’ve made about my truth, but simultaneously, I truly did not expect this part of my path. I tried so, so hard to hide it (to the point where I am now laughing about it all… I was never going to escape the truth of who I be- and neither will you.); in fact, I successfully hid it from even myself for many years. I really tried to avoid it. I tried to get out of bearing the weight of the work I came into this life to do. I know that it is not something many understand, and therefore do not respect.

The thing is… we will never escape the truth of who we be, and we get to choose the path we take. Do we embrace it and live in that truth, no matter the consequences, or do we deny it, run from it, and hide from it, all the while feeling like shit because we’re not in integrity?

I don’t give a fuck anymore. I am nothing if I do not have integrity.

All of that said, the term Politiwitch came into my consciousness in a flash a few months ago, as the Black Lives Matter movement was lifting off again, for real this time, and combined with the pandemic, people were beginning to admit to some pretty uncomfortable truths; FINALLY. And, finally, after avoiding, avoiding, avoiding, I was brought full circle, to my true purpose in this lifetime., which is to help dismantle the systems of oppression that have us forgetting our personal power.

It is my pleasure to define for you what a Politiwitch is.

The short version is this: a Politiwitch is a woman whose vested interests are in community, sustainability and the mastery of her personal power. She’s devoted to transforming the status quo, for the good of the collective.

 The longer answer will be revealed over time through my writing and if you tune into the Politiwitches podcast, you’ll understand quite quickly what this is really about and why it’s so potent, and so critical.

For me, and for so many, claiming my truth as a witch has allowed me to come out of any shame I was holding onto about my power. The witch is a shapeshifter, devoted to her craft- her life. The witch cannot be defined; she cannot be contained, and she certainly cannot be explained. Pam Grossman writes, “The witch occupies a paradoxical role in cultural consciousness as both a vicious aggressor and vulnerable prey. She is the fully rounded symbol of female oppression and liberation.”

Please do not get it twisted based on what society has told us. This is not about religion (you may or may not know that I am a believer in god, and in jesus, and mohammad, and all of the prophets), or right or wrong, or good or evil.

As a witch, I fight for the freedom to be my most fully, wildly expressed self, and for your liberty, too. That’s it. You may not identify as a witch, and I believe you will still find much value in the message of this community. Women need to be in community with each other more than ever. Women need it, and men also very much need women to be in community with other women.


A few updates and orders of business:

I've minimized the amount of private client work I am doing, and I am focused on writing and podcasting and working on something very, very special that will be revealed shortly.

That said, I am opening 2 maybe 3 spots for one-on-one coaching in August- first time I’ve had open spots in 4 months and IDK when I’ll be taking more private work on because what I’m birthing right now will require everything I’m made of to bring to fruition.

Message me if you want one of these spots.

Moon circles have been on hold; would you like to see more of these? I’m uncertain if I want to continue and would love to hear from the community. What do you want? Please hit reply and tell me, or hit up one of my other inboxes.

At the bottom of the email are a few links and other bits of information. Jump down if you’re not here for the entirety of the newsletter.


It’s all good.

Big love,

1. I’m having an anniversary!
2. Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes
3. My favorite tool for staying present, at present
3. Updates + Up Next

I’m having an anniversary!

…and making massive moves in the midst of pandemonium.

Cancer/eclipse season and we just had our second new moon in cancer; we are 7 months into 2020. I am swimming in some pretty dense emotions right now, as I prepare to leave the only real home I’ve had as an adult. The end of this month marks 4 years since I consciously began the wild ride of unwavering devotion to my integrity, liberation and the reclamation of (and subsequent learning to use it for good) my power. 

In July of 2016, I was at the peak of an extremely painful awakening that had been going on for about 2 years. Finally, after 2 years of denying and resisting, the universe (conspiring, as always) had exposed me totally, confirming the truth of what I had always known but had been unable to believe due to lack of evidence. It brought me to my knees in awe and wonder.

For two years leading up to this massive breakdown (breakthrough), I was deeply disturbed by the life I was creating. I knew I needed to make changes, but each time I began to even think about it, my mind would go apeshit and completely shut down. Total blackout mode. I was Anxiety-ridden and in the throws of the chronic pain and exhaustion that comes with Fibromyalgia + CFS. I was beyond ADHD. My usually stellar memory was shattered, and I was severely struggling to be in my body. I felt completely stuck, and absolutely powerless, and so I continued to accept what was.  I just could not see the way to the other side. I had convinced myself of a lot of lies in order to try to feel better about it all, but it just made me feel worse.

For two years, I’d been receiving signs and resisting, resenting, and writing a story full of excuses. Finally the universe pulled the rug out from under me and said “Kelsey, pay attention.”

In that moment, I found myself being called out. I’d finally met another person with integrity, and I fell in love with the experience of it. I’d never seen it before and it totally blew my worldview into pieces. He confirmed to me all the ways in which I had been dumbing myself down, pandering to those around me in order to make myself and others feel better. His existence triggered me beyond and, in allowing and sitting with the discomfort (rather than trying to escape it by seeking comfort), it revealed to me what I needed to see. Needless to say, he dumped me; I was simply not on his level (and I knew it). And I got fired from my job. At the same time this was happening, I had to be out of my apartment and I learned that the living situation I’d lined up (which was free), was not going to work out for me. I was homeless.

I had been exposed, and it was totally liberating. Without a job, or a place to live, or another person in sight to project all of my shit onto and distract myself with. I could no longer deny that changes had to be made. I was learning the hard way just how out of alignment I truly was. Finally, I found myself. I let down my defenses and determined to do whatever it takes to stop giving my power away and live in integrity.

I was determined that no matter what, I would never stray that far from my truth, ever again. Through these adversities, and the commitment to sitting with the discomfort, I found the way to my magic.

That summer, I learned to prioritize fluidity, because we are ever-evolving, ever-changing, ever-expanding. I learned that the key to the magic of the human experience is to let down all of our defenses, stop trying to control everything, and learn to get good at being uncomfortable.

I learned to unapologetically ask challenging, hard questions; to challenge everything I thought I knew, dig deep beneath the surface to get to the truth, and to live in that truth no matter what.

I learned that integrity is the only thing that matters, because it’s the only way to truly get what we want, which is to be on purpose, to be in love, and to experience deep connections with ourselves and the world around us.

At that time, I foresaw that we had very, very big challenges coming, and I determined to be solid when they came. And so, four years after determining to liberate myself from anything that was compromising to the essence of me, and devoting myself to my integrity, here we are.

I'll share more about this in upcoming newsletters, but I'm too excited to leave it out right now: I'm moving to an as of yet undisclosed to the public location!

Pictured below is my new backyard.

Today, and every day, I am celebrating the wonder of the human experience.

It’s a game, and though it’s often hard, painful, and messy, there is no reason it cannot be fun.


We have outgrown the systems that have shaped the way we live and work for generations now.

It’s an exciting and challenging time to be alive. We are literally in a new era, and we need a new model. Our society collectively lacks integrity- it is fractured and fragmented and shattered into billions of tiny pieces, and it's imperative that we change that.

Our evolution right now is happening rapidly and it’s visible and therefore undeniable. We all know it’s beyond time for change, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy or that it won’t be uncomfortable, messy and painful as hell. We have evolved to a point that what many believe to be impossible is being made possible, and that alone is triggering the fuck out of many who live in scarcity induced fear, and the illusion of lack and not enough.

Understand that this is an individual effort at collective wellness. Change does not start at the top. Change begins with each individual, and it spreads into families, communities, and then finally it takes hold in policy and governance. Each and every one of us who is uncompromising in her devotion to her integrity models the way. We truly must become the change. The objective for each of us is to be so embodied, so potent, so fucking magical in your very existence that the truth is undeniable. Those around us will be invited to get on board or be left utterly behind, and the free will to make that choice, either way, is their birthright.

Let this be a celebration!

The fact is, whether you consciously know it yet or not, these systems are oppressive and have been designed to keep us out of our personal power. These systems, and the beliefs, ideologies and values driving them, are NOT OK. The foundations of western culture are riddled with cracks that cannot bear the weight we are putting on it.

Our connection to our divinity has been severed and as a result, we are suffering a spiritual dis-ease. The über capitalist, white supremacist, patriarchal, egomaniacal, individualist, greedy and gluttonous consumerist programming we have been receiving must end right now if we are to right the ship. We’ve been divided for far too long, and this witch is ready to burn down the walls.

Pay attention. There’s another way (and y’all, I’m not talking about socialism).

Right now, we are being given a gift. We are being invited, and given an opportunity to change the way we operate. To slow down, check in, reassess, dismantle, and rebuild. It’s that simple, and yet, there will be chaos as we find our footing. Do not waste time or energy on blame. It is what it is, and we are where we are. If you’re too pissed off, feeling too victimized to own your reality and be in an expressive state, you cannot create, and you’ll contribute to the change of the system.

Before we can do this, before we can create sustainable change, each of us need to take accountability for our individual role within the collective mess. This is process is massively upsetting to our emotional bodies. We need also to acknowledge that our human nature makes change feel difficult, even when the change is welcome. We want to desperately cling to what we know and believe to be safe. Even when we know that it’s not serving us, or even remotely safe, the idea of change can be extremely triggering and cause shutdown.

We have to understand that we carry the emotions of the experiences of the generations to come before us. We are undoing what has been done for us, to us, and it’s a heavy weight to carry, even for those of us who have been doing the emotional and mental weight training to prepare to lead this movement. And so, as we grieve the loss of “normalcy” and, therefore, comfort, and feel into the collective grief, sadness, anger, shame, and anxieties that come up as more and more people around us start to understand that they’ve been led astray, we must prioritize compassion and kindness, while not taking on and becoming debilitated by pain and suffering- ours or anyone else’s. This is the skill of emotional mastery, and it’s one that must be practiced and strengthened every day if we’re to move the needle and make lasting impact within our own lives and the lives of others.

My favorite tools for staying present, at present.

These emotional imprints of the generations that came before us are rising to the surface and asking- demanding- to be addressed. It's making it uncomfortable to be in my body, and I know my clients and many of the women in my sphere have articulated this to me, too.

It is extremely important that we do what we need to right now and find modalities that give us what we need right now. It doesn't matter what it is, as long as it moves and transmutes the emotions.

e-MOTIONS. Energy has to move.

Dancing has been everything for me right now. Moving my body freely, fluidly, and without judgment. Observing what I feel in my muscles, my bones, my heart. How does my skin feel? Where is my energy stuck? What is going on in my head?

HERE is a video I made about this process.

Get mad. Hit things, break things; smash them.

Be sad. Grieve. Cry, cry, cry.

Laugh like a maniac at the absurdity of the human experience and the reality we're enrolled in.

Release, release, release.

Let go.

Prioritize your divinity and your connection to source.

Be still in your mind and body, and be present with it; all of it. Please, please, please.

The only way we are whole as a collective is if we are whole as individuals.

If you won't prioritize you for you (for too many of us, this is a challenge), prioritize you for others.

Updates + Up Next.

1. I have a podcast!
ICYMI, Politiwitches is getting incredible reviews. You can listen on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Anchor, Google Pods, etc.

Click HERE for a dashboard with relevant links.

Let me know if you can't find it on your preferred platform and I'll get it up for you.

Please hit reply to this and tell me what topics, themes, and questions you have for me for the podcast.

2. I have space for 2 or 3 one-on-one clients/students starting in August. Message me if you want to talk about this. I've recently changed the way that I work with clients and now accept clients on a month to month basis (rather than the 3 or 6 month commitment I've previously required)

In September, I am opening a School of Magic. If you are devoted to your integrity and your divinity and living in your magic, pay attention because you're going to want to be involved in this community and learning experience.

That's all I'll say for now but this is huge, huge, huge.

That's it for now. Let me know what you'd like the August focus to be and I'll see what comes through!

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