Community and connection are the core of all of my work.

It is my devotion to provide safe sanctuaries for learning and growth.

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La Puerta School of Mastery

She who lives in integrity gains mastery over her entire reality.

La Puerta is a School of Mastery for women who are devoted to living in their magic come to study, connect, and calibrate to higher frequencies together.

I've designed this to be a safe space and sanctuary for growth, development as a woman and a leader, and expansion.

Curriculum is fluid and evolves to support the needs of the student body.

Enrollment is a monthly membership.

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Living in your magic is a conscious lifestyle.

This is a no nonsense, intensive 6 week program for women who are devoted to creating a life dedicated to mastering their magic and living extraordinarily.

You want to do whatever you want to do? Be where you want and need to be, when you want and need to be there?

This course will teach you the foundations for a liberated lifestyle conducive to practicing your magic.

Waitlist for next session. We start when I feel like it.



I do a limited amount of private work with clients.

I work with women who are highly driven to be living in their potential and are willing to do whatever it takes to do the work they're here to do, and they want to experience the ease and flow of truly living in their magic.

In integrity.

I work with clients on a monthly basis as well as single sessions (on a case by case basis).

My clients experience rapid transformation and results all around so if you're ready, strap in and let's go.

Typically, private mentorship focuses on the following (not one specifically), and it's important to understand that it's completely fluid and we work through what comes up as necessary:



  • Self-mastery (emotional, physical, mental) + overall alignment
  • Feminine Leadership
  • Upleveling/breaking through ceilings
  • Relationships
  • Money
  • Conscious/Intentional Lifestyle Design
  • Business Expansion and Growth + Impact Strategy
  • Empowerment, period.

    If you're interested in working with me one-on-one, email me here.


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