About Kelsey

Growth + Impact Strategist.

Entrepreneurial Mastery Coach.

Witch, Writer, Woman.

It was 2 years after the conception of my business idea to admit that I wanted to leave my 10 year tenure in corporate beauty behind, and another 2 before I believed I could actually do it.

I was overwhelmed, paralyzed by anxiety, depression, ADHD, and Fibromyalgia, working a demanding full-time job that required 5 days of interstate travel a week.

As a visionary leader, I see easy, sensible solutions but I never fit in the system, and struggled to apply my talents. All I wanted was to be free to live life on my terms and be applying my skillset, but I felt disempowered, like my hands were tied.

My journey to mental, spiritual, and physical wellness; learning to design my ideal lifestyle, and mastering the entrepreneurial journey to create sustainable success (and freedom!) has led me to my work guiding women to defining and achieving success on their terms.

Life is Magic.

On a personal note...

I am a 2nd generation entrepreneur and most of what I know about running a business, I learned from watching my mother run her bookstore for 30 years.

I've spent the last 5 years traveling the world to expand my worldview and my ability to stay cool under pressure.

I'm an extremist and I choose the challenging thing because I'm dedicated to seeing what I’m made of (and what could be possible if I don't hold back!)

I adore cats (and manifest them like crazy).

I am obsessed with the flow state and optimizing the human experience.

I see people physically shapeshift and know immediately when they're not in integrity.

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