Weave Worlds, Hold it All in Wonder, and Suffer No Fools.



She who lives in integrity gains mastery over her entire reality.

I'm Kelsey,
personal freedom coach, growth & impact strategist and Fairy God-Witch.

I'm the force of nature you call on when you're ready to harness your power and smash your glass ceilings.

I guide women to liberation and teach them to get what they desire in all areas of life.

My journey out of "mainstream" life into the wonder of creative living and the pursuit of mastery has been the greatest masterpiece of my life, and there is nothing I am more passionate about than teaching other women how to do the same.

It is my greatest honor to lead by example and help women feel what it means to be whole, at ease in their human experience, and completely on purpose.

Get to Know Me

I work with women in groups and privately to support them in their pursuit of mastery in life and business.

My clients define success and create it on their terms. My work covers the entire human experience, across all dimensions, including:

  • Self-mastery (emotional, physical, mental) + overall alignment and empowerment
  • Feminine Leadership
  • Entrepreneurial Mastery
  • Interpersonal Relationships
  • Money Mindset + Wealth Accumulation
  • Conscious/Intentional Lifestyle Design
  • Business Expansion and Growth + Impact Strategy
  • Personal expansion and growth + impact strategy
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